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Product Range - Compressors by WABCO

WABCO is the market leader in compressors for passenger car air suspension systems, with more than 3,750,000 units installed by all major car makers. WABCO compressors are ftted as original equipment in a wide range of top class SUVs, premium passenger cars and high end luxury limousines worldwide.
The compressor is the heart of the air suspension system, pumping air up to a maximum system pressure of 17 bar. It operates oil-free, without maintenance, and is specifed to
last for the vehicle’s whole lifetime.
A comprehensive catalogue is available HERE or via our Documents Page.

Why choose a WABCO Compressor?

Recognised OE supplier for over
30 years
A global market leader in passenger
car compressors
Used by almost all major OEMs
Top quality reliable genuine parts
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