Climatic Testing

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    Climatic Testing

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Climatic Testing

Product performance and life can be significantly affected by both temperature and humidity. Material degradation can occur over the course of time, with aging often accelerated when the product is exposed to varying climatic conditions.

With a range of climatic test equipment at its disposal, Dunlop Systems and Components is able to offer solutions to all of your temperature and humidity testing requirements. Our test chambers have an operating range of between -60°C and +180°C, with humidity levels of up to 99% possible over a wide range of temperature.

Our Services

Our services range from straightforward one-off tests through to comprehensive product validation schedules, including advice on test parameters and control techniques. Bespoke jigs and fixtures can be built in-house as required.
We offer both single and combined climatic stress conditions according to specific requirements, including...

  • High and Low Temperature Aging Testing
  • Humid Heat Testing
  • Cyclic Water Thermal Shock Testing
  • Combined Temperature and Humidity Testing
  • Life and Durability Assessments
  • Dynamic Testing in Hot and Cold Temperature Environments
  • Dynamic Testing in Humid Environments
  • Combined Temperature and Humidity Dynamic Testing
  • Combined Temperature, Humidity and Vibration Testing (CTHV)

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To discover our full range of available testing services, please visit our testing services page.

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