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    Over 100 years of excellence in control systems and air suspension



Vehicle system integrators of Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) systems. These regulate the supply of compressed air to the vehicle air suspension units (Air Shocks/Struts or Air Springs).
air springs


We have been designing, developing and manufacturing Airpsrings since the 1950s and were amongst the earliest producers. We have manufactured more than 10 million air springs during this time.
Air spring sleeves


In recent years there has been developments in sleeve-type air springs for use in passenger car and sport utility vehicle (SUV) applications. Dunlop Systems and Components has the capability to design, develop, manufacture and specify air sleeves to suit various applications.
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Redefining air suspension and advanced electric control systems for over a century

Dunlop Systems and Components is an industry-leading business pioneering the supply, design and testing of air suspension products and advanced electric control systems. Our experienced Coventry team offer a wide range of products and services, from air suspension systems to bespoke advanced electric control systems design. We pride ourselves on supplying outstanding products and providing high quality services to improve the performance and reliability of your equipment. Backed by over 100 years of experience, Coventry’s professionals in air suspension, product supplies and quality testing.

Who we are

With origins dating back to 1890, Dunlop Systems and Components has been pioneering the air suspension and system control industry for over a century. Our industry professionals are committed to delivering quality services, ranging from air spring supplies to air suspension control systems, with a dedication to excellence and quality.

Superior product range

We’re proud to boast an extensive product range, embodying over 100 years of pioneering design and manufacturing. Our high-performing range incorporates products able to meet heavy duty demands of the modern automotive, industrial and commercial industries including air bellows, air springs, air spring sleeves, ECAS, Motorhome air suspension, LOADSAFE® technology and more.
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Latest technology testing services

All products, especially those used in automotive applications, experience wear and tear in particular environments. Understanding how certain products behave within these environments allow us to identify products that meet your performance and reliability needs. The experienced team at Dunlop Systems and Components offer a range of quality testing services, including climatic testing, salt spray testing, dynamic testing, vibration testing and ingress testing.

Installation Manuals and Product Catalogues

Instruction Sheets, Manuals and Product Catalogues made available by Dunlop Systems and Components for download are accessible via our Documents Page

Purchase Terms and Conditions

For suppliers to Dunlop Systems and Components, a statement of general terms and conditions of purchase is available for download via our Documents Page

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